Letterkenny Season 10 on Hulu: Streaming Details and Release Date

Letterkenny Season 10 is about to release in a few days, I think just after Christmas. Here we have gathered every information about its Release Date, Streaming Details, EPisode count, and the possible plot with the returning cast from the previous season.

The earlier release record was really great as we’re getting two seasons every year, But I think due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the shooting and production were delayed that’s we will get just one season this year.

The Story of Letterkenny Series on Hulu

The Series was adapted from the Youtube Series called Letterkenny Problems which was started b 8 years back and there are a few very hilarious episodes are there on youtube. You have not watched the show on Youtube I have mentioned a video link below.

So we’re talking about Letterkenny’s main story – As the show was started as a Youtube Series and then it was adapted as a TV series by Hulu to stream in the US.

The show is about the 5000 residents of Letterkenny one small town in Canada who share the same title Letterkenny, everyone in the show has some humorous behaviors from problems of drinking, scrapping, attitude, and other native problems.

The show is created by Jared Keeso who is one of the main leads in the show called Wayne the series.

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The Trailer of Letterkenny Season 10

Hulu has released the final trailer of Season 10 on youtube a few days back and after reading comments and reactions on the trailer we can say that the Letterkenny Season 10 will be humorously bigger than anything.

As its official synopsis says:

“McMurray and Wayne do some dickering, the Hicks attend a sausage party, the Hockey Players and Skids have a video game battle, the men of Letterkenny receive head-to-toe physicals…and that’s just for starters, buddy”

Season 10 Release Date and Time

The fans were waiting for the last one year to watch Letterkenny on Hulu and now it’s official that the series is coming back on Christmas Day on 26th December i.e on Sunday.

Yes, they are coming back to fill your home with lots of laughter this Christmas. The show will release at the same time as the last season was premiering on Crave in Canada and it will be uploaded to Hulu after the air time in the US and other countries. So the Canadian will be the first one to watch the episodes than the other fans worldwide can watch it after it will be released on Hulu.


Streaming Details for Letterkenny

Letterkenny’s other seasons are available to watch online on Hulu with the normal Subscription. If you have not taken the Subscription from Hulu you can trailer their trial Subscription too, if you are outside Canada. If you are in Canada you need not watch it Online you can watch it on your TV using your Cable connection on Crave.

What could be the theme for Season 10?

The theme for Season 10 has already been shown in one of the videos of Letterkenny Problems on Youtube with a video titled Katy’s Big Tarts which is below:

The theme of the Letterkenny Season 10 will the festive season for at least the first and second Episodes. The main plot of the series the drinking problem will always be the main in all the episodes. But I am sure that every fans will die out of laughter in this season.

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